Why this book?

People tend to favor using the least amount of energy. Give them the option of using an escalator when they have but a few stairs to climb, and they will pick the escalator. But then, if human beings tend to choose the solution that requires they exert the least amount of energy possible, why do we see women queuing all night just to buy a pair of shoes? or 11-year- olds who never liked reading are seen devouring books bigger than their heads? If emotions put people in motion, I wondered, what triggers this desire that sets them in action? What is it that creates fans? And why are we fans of something while our neighbour couldn’t care less?

So I looked in the commonalities between products, books, films, restaurants, websites and companies that have unconditional fans to find that they share six ingredients.


My hope is that those six ingredients will help us create more wonderful things.


Who is this book for ?


About the author?


Patricia Gallot-Lavallée is an Experience Designer. Her work consists in slightly changing how a company does business and communicates, in order to generate emotions from their audience. Through this book she shares some of her recipes. Patricia is also a mobilized teacher, in charge of a curriculum at the Institute of Internet and Multimedia. She has a 10 year background in user experience and web strategy.  She lives in hectic Paris with her ever-so-cute family.