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Intellectual tourist city guide to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley by P.G.L

You are about to go and visit the great great great petridish that the bay area is? You work in New Technologies? in interaction? You are visiting S.F. for a business trip or a prospective trip? You are just a passionate tech person on vacations? You want to find out how to visit Googleland? To find super geek merchandise? To meet the right people? Get a whole different point of view of the city? Well, this guide is for you.

This is the eBook we needed when we went on our intellectual trip to the Silicon Valley, so we wrote it.

Want some readers reviews? Perharps?

12 € eBook, released in november 2008, PDF reader required, 57 pages with a few illustrations, just for the fun. Challenge to readers included. Paypal secured transaction.

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Readers reviews

I live in S.F. and I didn't even know about some of things in this book! Considering how much Patricia dug up about my own hometown, I can't wait to see what she digs up for Paris. Leslie Chicoine –

A new guide, professionnal tourism, useful, fun, a different vision of SF. Well done! Nathalie Magniez,

I spent a month in S.F. last year, I can't help thinking about how different my trip would have been if I had read Patricia's intellectual tourist guide before. That's for sure a must-have: trivial details and ideas galore…. I really enjoyed myself while reading…. Burning Man, Toasmasters and Yelp have become my favorites virtual tours and moments that I will definitely have to experience next time. Looking forward for next city guide publishing J. Well done! Aude – Wif

Really enjoyed the challenge and the networking part. Wish you'd talked more about setting up a business in the Silicon Valley though. Next book? Thomas Lang,, entrepreneur.

I'm a student and I found the list of global tools available to meet professionals useful. Loved the historical section. J.L.B

The author's personnality and experience makes it a very enjoyable read. N.M.

I have had this book in my hands few months after my first professional trip in the Silicon Valley. I realized I've done the job "not so bad" but I realized too that it could have been more exciting if I had the opportunity to read it before.
Indeed, Patricia is suggesting many practical advice and websites for networking, temporary offices, accomodation... I do also appreciate to learn a bit more about the "silicon" history of the Valley. In few words, this fast funny book will give you tons of relevant ideas to prepare your high-tech trip in San Francisco.
Paul Perdrieu, serial entrepreneur in the Internet industry, currently Co-founder and CEO of